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Pedro and Araceli exemplify what's best about America. Piloni's Italian Resturant brings this success story full circle. For twenty years, it has been their dream to live and work in a community where they can apply their special talents, and are appreciated. Terre Haute is indeed the lucky recipient of this endeavor, and where the Pilonis and their three children make their home. The Piloni's fondly recall how they almost moved to Texas but decided to stay in Indiana when their oldest son displayed an interest in sports participation. Born in Chipilo, Pueblo Mexico, Pedro is third generation, speaks Italian, Spanish and English. This small town's founding fathers hailed from northern Italy. Growing-up with his mother and grandmother cooking Italian delicacies, Pedro was thrust into Italian, culinary traditions, and learned them well. A heralded Chef, Pedro works his magic in the tradition of his upbringing and with the creativity only experience could bring. He is no stranger to the kitchen. The local Pino's Il Sonetto will always hold a special memory, where Pedro advanced from a cook to a head chef to manager before his departure to open Piloni's. Pedro's kitchen flair is obvious, where his kitchen's aromas underscore creativity and inspire consistency. Piloni's is indeed a family affair and a testament to exceptional food with a personal touch. Piloni's brings big-city quality, Italian food to the friendly footprint of Terre Haute, Indiana. What a wonderful opportunity to share in this special family's commitment to our community.

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